Welcome Auto Enthusiasts!

Auto Consignment of San Diego was founded in 2009, and has been providing quality, friendly service to customers who want to take the hassle out of selling their own vehicle.

While most people dread the task of selling a car, truck or SUV, we are true Auto Enthusiasts and look forward to assisting you with properly marketing your vehicle with professional looking pictures, posting ads on websites like AutoTrader.com, CraigsList.com, eBay Classified, FaceBook.com and sending an email blast to our customer base.

If you don’t want strange people coming to your house, or don’t like the trade in “wholesale” price the Dealership or CarMax is offering, we can assist you with getting the maximum value for your vehicle.

Customer Quote:
“Hi Mike, That is great news that the car sold! Thank you again for all of your help in selling the car. I know it wasn’t an easy process which makes me that much more appreciative of the excellent service provided. I will be sure to recommend your services to other friends looking to sell their vehicles”

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